The P2[AM]2 Success Stories

Selected list of our success stories

Our Success Stories


AON3D was founded by our alumni with the mission of unlocking the world of 3D printing with high-performance thermoplastics. Previously dominated by machines that use costly, closed systems, AON3D has developed a line of industrial 3D printers that offer best-in-class performance at a fraction of the cost

B3D Performance Inc

Founded in 2018 by three members of the P2[AM]2 research group, B3D Performance is an award-winning company specialized in metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology integration. B3D develops instrumentation to monitor the powder quality to reduce production costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

Lucie Nguyen Consulting

Founded by a former member of the P2[AM]2 research group, Lucie Nguyen Consulting is a renowned establishment offering consulting service in materials development with diverse clients ranging from Richemont, Switzerland which brings together more than 20 brands of high-end watchmaking, jewelry, fashion and accessories, to an artisanal tableware company in Montreal, CANADA .